Thursday, 16 January 2014

Dear Alex, Rainbows.

Dear Alex,

Rainbows remind me of promise, of hope, of beauty. Through darkened and grey, rainy skies, that something of such pure beauty and colour could suspend from the storm is always a wonder to me.

Driving to Exeter to see you today, the skies have clouded over, the rain, once again is pouring. Unexpectedly, the sun appears, and I look out for a rainbow. Glancing to my left I see a double rainbow, bright colours radiating, soaking through the countryside, the rainbow pouring down, the rainbow's end hitting the field next to me. As I drive, the end of the rainbow moves along the ground next to me, coating the field in splendour and vibrant colour. I think of you and how The Most High has promised to take care of us, and I feel healing moving in you as it moves across a rain drenched and muddy field.

Your mood was relaxed and happy today, and I had the best time with you that I have had in months. I caught up with the therapists, and laughed and cuddled you.

Today was a good day.

A rainbow in stormy times. An injection of colour and radiance, of God's blessing into what has been a hard few years.

I still hold on to hope, to the beauty of healing, to your strength returning, and your mood stabilising.

To the day you will come home.

Me xxxxxxxxxxx

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