Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Dear Alex, The key?

Dear Alex,

Squinting, hand over eyes as sun streams through sky and windscreen alike. The barely used roads on my drive to see you are an expanse of rays of sunlight casting their beauty and magnificence onto valleys and hills. Silver beams caressing the misty risings of nature's finery and elegance. I am full of excitement this morning...

I received a call yesterday telling me there had been a cancellation at the Intensive Rehab Centre in Exeter. My wonderful friend and neighbour steps up to kid collecting duties, enabling me to focus on the assessment.

The enchanting scenery I have witnessed on my drive in, adds to the mood, the unknown, the unseen, the you that is, as yet, uncovered from such a lack of input.

Will this be the solution?

Well I know it is, you need the chance to be given to you. The crucial right input.

Today during the assessment it was as though I had to plead our case as to why I felt they should give you the chance. Did you have potential? If not, they will not take you on. After the nearly 3 hour assessment, they all meet and confer, from the people they have assessed today, they make a decision as to who will most benefit...There were 5 others.

My heart was in my mouth as we left, I almost ran back in, pleaded on my knees to give you a chance. But I held your hand tight, cuddled my head into yours and prayed. I had done all I could. They wouldn't take you on the basis of a sobbing woman at their feet at any rate...

My heart rests in my mouth. I almost taste it... So full of desperation for that 'yes, we will take him'...We will find out in written correspondence in the next day or so.

So today could have been a day unblocking a path that had been so firmly closed to us before, when you last had rehab, your Glasgow Score was at 9. This is how they grade a coma, 3 being the most profound, 15 being as awake/aware as you or I. 9 was a fairly low score therefore.

You need this chance, we, as a family, need this chance.

If I can put a message out tonight, it is to please pray they take Alex on, send opening up the pathway energies, do whatever you can, as this could be THE thing for Alex.

The key.

And it is not in my hands...

me xxxxxx

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