Friday, 27 September 2013

Dear Mitzi, 7 today!

Dear Mitzi,

Well, my big girl, 7 today! And it is the first birthday any of you have had with your dad being home too, he missed your 5th and your 6th...

This time, dad helped me make your cake, and you loved it you said, it was the best cake EVER!

My baby, your cheeks are round and eyes bright and shining when you smile, your rose bud huge lips and dark hair- quite unlike your siblings, you make my heart melt when you pout them and reach out your arms for a cuddle.

You, Mitzi moo, are a dynamo! A ball of energy! And my goodness you know how to climb! You shimmy up anything and everything as often as you can, as soon as anything appears vaguely climbable, or not, to my are up there before I can blink.

Do you know, your first word was a phrase 'geddown, geddown' you used to go around saying, because you heard, 'Mitzi, get down' more often than anything else spoken to you!

You are delightful, cheeky, fidgety, talkative, loud, you shout, you make your presence known. You know your own mind, although you can be very unsure and shy, and the deeply sensitive side which means you are unable to express yourself in words, and so you cry, a lot! But it is part of you. You are either in fits of laughter, or crying! But you are such good fun, there is no doubt about that.

Tonight you jump up into my arms- you often do this, cling on to me, and cuddle me tight, 'I love you mummy, thank you SO much for the best birthday and the best cake ever!' and you give me a sweet, 'Can you eat it? It is my thank you present to you, but it has gelatine in!'

My heart will always be broken for the fact that dad cannot be a dad in the sense he used to be for you...It is such a hard time at the moment, and the fact you smile through it, chat to the numerous carers who live with us, change over, you just chat openly to them, accepting and generous of heart and spirit.

How you have already made friends, settled in, and love living here is such a gift. You have made this move so much easier for me, as I struggle to deal with all that goes on...

I have no idea where you have this talent for climbing and all things physical- it certainly does not come from me, it must be your dad! But I am in awe of you natural talent, and would love you to use it to it's full, as you were born like it!

In three words...hmmmm, how can i describe you in three words? Sensitive, energetic, fun. I will never be bored with you around to raise...You love easily, and and very caring and generous, and both I, and your dad, are so very, very proud of you.

I have to say I am sorry, for what has happened, for the times I do not deal with it so well, for the times I shout when I shouldn't. Because I just love you endlessly and wholly. How blessed I am to have you.

Mitzi, you are a star, and I love you so much...

Happy Birthday my gorgeous angel.

Thank you for adding love, fun and dynamism to my life!

mummy xxxxxxxxx

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