Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Please be patient...

Please be patient...

Please be patient with me I don't live fully in your world anymore.

Please be patient with me, I'm not who I was, I lost a part of me.

Please be patient with the things I do, the ways I am, the things I say that you may not understand.

When 'that day' hit our lives as a tidal wave shatters a shore, so our lives, 
Our dreams,
Our hopes
Our companionship
Was shattered.

Please be patient with me, 'our' world has had to become 'my'

My dreams for you, 
My hopes for the family

I wait patiently for companionship, your counsel, your advice, to return.

Please be patient with me, 
What happened changed me.

Be patient with me, as I do not expect your understanding, your pity or your comprehension,
Patience will do.

Patience as I make sense of my world again,
As I learn how to live and breathe without what I used to have.

Please be patient as I am not always brave or wise or right,
I am vulnerable, volatile, 
Often alone within this fight.

Please be patient as I lost something no one will ever truly understand.

Be patient 

I'm sorry

Give me that and know it willl never be just a question of 'giving me time'.

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