Thursday, 11 July 2013

Dear Alex, Tasks.

Dear Alex,

I didn't come in today...and it was very strange. I had so much on. I had the school picnic today which began at 12, so I just didn't have the time to drive up and back from you. 

I feel guilty though, it's alright for me, I get an afternoon with the kids...when do you ever escape what you are going through?

This week I have had varying tasks to accomplish, 

From contacting OTs to describe the sort of pen and cutlery I feel you would benefit from. It's taken a great deal of assessing and trying to describe the right dimensions, weight, type, grip etc is complicated!
I finally have a legal team on board who I have been in frequent contact with by email and phone over the past few days, scanning things in, compiling a vast dossier on you where you are at and what I feel you need and do not get, which has had me going to bed extremely late.
I've been doing the tax credit renewals and various house administration.
I have been in school a bit helping out, I love it and the kids love me being there, so I love the fact I am able to do this.
Daily visits to you, 2 hours in the car, and doing everything I can to help you and comfort you whilst I am there, before flying back for school pick up time, after school clubs and end of term events that are taking place.
I continue to seek out new ideas, ways of helping you communicate and exercise and massage to encourage you to move forward.
I find 5 things every morning before getting out of bed I can thank God for that are in my life, blessings that I count, name and carry on the inner monologue throughout the day.
I have had a chest infection, have a boil on my eye! And asthma back, which I haven't had in years and years.
I'm organising a holiday away for me and the kids- we go to france on Tuesday for a week. Something I need, something I can't wait for, to see my amazing friends in france who are very present, very wonderful and whom I miss everyday. But how much I will miss you and worry about you is almost overtaking the positives.
The move to Devon is all consuming too! Although a huge positive, the logistics of moving you, the house, the kids, the animals to a new area is hard. The facilities I am contacting, support for the kids, facilities for you...I have spent hours investigating and contacting people.

And I still say life is great. Life is wonderful, full of blessings, of people wonderful and kids innocent and full of life and fun.

That's why I haven't written to you as much this week, I've had a great deal on. 

I'm sorry I didn't make it in today, I will be in as usual tomorrow, and you will have my undivided attention.

I love you Alex, far more than you will ever know....

Me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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