Sunday, 6 January 2013

In memory of Kerry (Multiplemummy) #PAPS

Thanks to my best blogging buddy sophie at Superamazingmum, she wanted to get back to the roots of blogging and spot the posts worth reading, telling other people about.

This week my post is by newmumonline.

It's an account of the thanksgiving service held for a fellow blogger and mummy who died just before Christmas after suffering the same thing Alex did, but lost her battle with it after 5 months, leaving 3 young children without their mummy.

It's rocked my world.

As it should do.

And it's made me realise that time and time again, what we have is not 'deserved' everything we have is given even the time we thrive on earth. I feel like leaping around and pinching myself every day at the moment, every morning saying 'I'm alive! Alex is STILL here, and I am here with four amazing kids, and I get to be alive and well and breathing to look after them...what a privilege...!'

It's made me realise that it is all, simply, so very simply, about gratitude. I am reminded of it over and over.

Kerry was 5 months down the line when she caught an infection and lost her time on this earth. no more time to be with her kids, bring them up, no more breath on this earth to nurture her kids...

In her memory, I have a stone which I now keep next to the computer, and each time I look at it, it will remind me not to mourn the tragedy and the loss of Alex as he was, but to look forward, to a new changed life, but one with him in it, in the kids' lives...

Please take a minute to find out about her and read the post (here) I have picked this week. Thanks.

Tamsyn x

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