Monday, 26 November 2012

Dear Alex, Blue Moon..

Alex and a snuggled baby Esmie in the front carrier...

November 26th 2012

Dear Alex,

I went at it all guns blazing this morning. Wet Monday morning, kids dropped off, a l’attack! I had had enough of last week. With the sickness bug hitting me hard, a tooth out which became very infected and which made me sick too, I was at a low ebb and hardly able to drive to see you, let alone do anything else. But there’s no days off in my household!

I spend the whole morning making phone calls, and waiting for people to call me back, I had either spoken to the wrong person, the nearly right person, or the whole wrong department- you know how it works! But after thirteen phone calls, and eventually speaking to the right people, the equipment is about to be ordered for your over night stays…making it imminent!!

I felt strong and proud as I race in to see you (a friend is to pick up the kids tonight after school). A real accomplishment! And it has got me somewhere, some good news to finally tell you, and the path laid for the next step.

It takes over an hour to get home tonight, traffic slow, rain and dark and grey the route. But I glance left, a slip in the nearly black night sky of yellow, of light. White yellow clouds rise and tower. Just a slit, like an eye opening. Several messages from people urging me to hold out for a house here, not to accept the place miles away have given me that little bit of strength, of guidance. In a situation where I am left to decide most everything alone, the advice is welcomed. It is a risk, I am told a place like I am looking for comes up ‘once in a blue moon…’

So guess what? I am praying for a blue moon! (Not a smurf pulling a moony)..

First up, let’s get you home for overnight stays my angel…

Me xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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