Pass on the lurve...

My Best Blogging-bud Sophie (

For over 2 years now, I have been a blogger, a big fat obsessed with it blogger. It gripped me when I first began and now has become part of me in many ways. The blogospehere is a HUMUNGOUS universe where parents, people in general whoever, of every sort, get together- and it is a very powerful group of people- they all got the attention on my situation and my benefits were reinstated…So you see, it’s a huge, supportive and fabulously interesting community. There’s any blog you could ever think of out there. Whatever you are into, guarantee there’ll be someone blogging about it.

What I wanted to talk about was my blogging best bud, Sophie who you’ll find here, as Super amazing mum.

Do any of you have real life blogger friends in real life? Who have you met up with? Or even if you have not met up in real life, have you made a blog friend?!

Sophie is my real life friend too. We met 2-years-ago when we started blogging at the same time. Being ‘newbies’ together in the blog world. We connected immediately, having loads in common.

She is funny, she is vibrant, she is my very real friend. I can't sing her praises enough, I just think she's so totally fab...

After having to move back to England when Alex had his accident, Sophie was straight over to see me. We’d never met in person, but she was the first person to come and see me when I moved back very suddenly and quickly.

Sophie is larger than life (not her physique-oh great she’s gonna kill me now), bubbly and a loud mouth, my goodness can that woman scream! She can scream ‘TALLULA’ So loud it scares me! I love it, I love her to bits, all her ways.

She’s become such an amazing friend. We met blogging, we met up under extremely difficult circumstances for me and she has been wonderful ever since. And with her 6-year-old and my 6-year-old in love and engaged, we look to be being related in years to come too!!

We speak a lot on the phone, we hook up when we can and our kids have formed ‘The Crazy Gang’ (they came up with that!).

She’s my ‘turn to’ girl, for advice, a shoulder or a good laugh.

I’m going down to stay a night at her’s in the half-term and not I, nor the kids can wait!

So, the idea is this,

·      Pass on the love, write a blog on who you know in real life, your real life blogging friend. Oh, and try not to do it on the same person, try and spread the love a bit!

·      AND you must link up so we can all have a nosey!

That’s all.

I can’t wait to read all your posts now, and Soph- you owe me that tenner now for being nice *blogging bribary*

Here’s the list of the links…Who do you know?


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