Wednesday, 14 September 2011

We were not at it for hours.

This will be my attire next time round, I was underdressed.

Sunday was Mitzi’s best friend’s birthday. Several of us mummies set off in convoy 15 minutes away our destination for the day (well, should have been, but standstill traffic due to a car boot sale) meant 45 minutes in hot car with hot SUPER HYPER excited kids, which was …fun. This park we are going to is a huge water inflatable, place with animals, pedalos, all kinds, it’s FUNTASTIC! Well, I tell you this, I rediscovered my lost horsey ride, merry go round (like the ones in Mary Poppins), riding on a very ugly pig train at 1 and a half miles an hour, youth. OK, the metal horses are scary as f***, but SO fun! The park is completely enclosed, and with many mummies, everyone kept an eye on each others’ kids, so at one point my friend and I escaped and went off on a horsey ride! It was mechanical and it went round this track, it was honestly TOO much fun. Galloping away on an electronic horse is HOURS of fun (note to self, buy one, and an aeroplane, and a donkey, the list is mounting), we got 5 rides before the queue of small children crying and pleading with us to let THEM have a go. Oh alright, go on then, we reluctantly demount elegantly (well, more of a tumble, straining 33-year-old hips that have carried too many children over the years, ‘has she been drinking at lunch? shameful’ Whispers in the background, demount). But we gave it up. The merry-go-round was next, with several of our lot in tow, and we woop along, going at a pace a disoriented snail would be proud of, although this is no bad thing, given my history of merry-go-round to the brink of vomiting experiences.

This was the demonstration I and my friend gave the kids...

The kids whizz about, it’s exhausting keeping track of them. At one point, my friend and I spot a bunch of our kids on the trampoline, we decide to join them, as I have said before, if you can’t beat them with tree branches (and we were in public so...) then you join them. And joined they were. For all of 3 jumps, then my friend and I both look at each other and realise why kids are at it for hours, and after having had those kids, trampolining and those pelvic floor exercises that you never did, 3 bounces is WAY enough. We were not at it for hours. So we boing off, although we are doing our best to walk, and sprint to the loos…

Anyway, enough about pelvic floor exercises Monday was school again. I was exhausted when the 6.30 am alarm went off. I kept hitting snooze, THE biggest mistake, you get so caught up in the ‘no, it can’t be, not yet, *snooooooze*’ and then each snooze is never long enough and you end up getting up feeling cheated before you have even begun the day. So a mental fly round, teeth brushed in car en route, school run this morning was less than fun. But on a positive note, Esmie was happy and smiling at her teacher, YEY! She loves me picking her up at 11.30,  and it’s now all smiles, as it’s not long till she sees mummy again. Hoorah. Hippy happy days.

After the way too much fun that was had on Sunday afternoon, Mitzi wakes up 2 or 3 times crying ‘I want to get off, STOP!’ she’s reliving the merry-go-round, bless her. Traumatic scarring stuff… Be warned!

Till tomorrow,

Tamsyn x *ebays 'scary ass but FUN to ride metal horses'*

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