Monday, 12 September 2011

A thrusting chest...

I have just left Monty under his den practicing his dialogue for the ‘Youtube Monty’s Star Wars Lego Battles’ videos. It’s gonna be quite something, in 4 parts (all marked clearly under his den) so watch this space, he will be debuting on here!  

I learned from him also today that he is working ‘really fast’ at school. To which both Alex and I puff our chests out (Alex’s being alarmingly more ‘thrustsome’ than my own breast dredged kids looking one)…We tell him how glad we are to hear that, and he should be proud of himself. But there’s always a finish to a begun sentence, and the finish to his full sentence went as follows: ‘…that I am getting loads of errors.’ Ah, right, whole different ball game, puffed-out chests *royally popped*. So we say diplomatically, that he’s not to worry, OK, fair enough, work slower and concentrate, thus, more efficiently, but he’s English in a French school, and it’s the first week back, so it’s going to take him a bit to get back into. Always, I cry, hear out the WHOLE sentence, before passing judgement. A lesson learned, a thrusting chest, er, churned… ?

Well Esmie is happy, it seems, with going to school just mornings, so whilst I AM still here to pick her up, I am glad we have reached a nearly happy medium. And when I DO finally start work, I now have a French qualification I am aiming to get, then be able to teach English to kids in Private Schools, she will have to go when she has to go! Until then, they all eat 3 times a week at the cantine, the girls get picked up Friday lunchtime (Monty stays the whole 4 days now, picking 4 kids up from 4 different schools, giving them lunch, clearing up, getting them back to 4 different schools is beyond Shera and the Power of Greyskull’s skills, and my those powers are never there when you need them. So there we go, life moves on, and until we learn to parachute from ‘Mummy flying the Aeroplane’, hovering over each school in turn, and 'Aller, Monty, JUMP! And don't forget to pull the cord' . Hence Friday is the only day now 3 out of 4 kids are picked up.
Me Friday night, taken just before the Parents' evening....

Friday night I am up for a school meeting, mascared up, Alex on kids duty, handbag at the ready, I wait enthusiastically recognising 2 tops hanging on pegs, my son’s already lost property, I continue waiting. Half an hour I wait, wondering if I am in the right place, I spot a teacher and ask them. ‘Oh no, it’s not tonight, it’s next Friday’ Oh brilliant, I am already, after not even one whole week back at school, looking like a complete wally, with no place to go. Goodo, no change there then. I can see the common room discussions now ‘That Monty’s not doing too well is he?’ ‘No, well, have you met the mother? No? well, then you’d see…’

On that note, I am off, after Mitzi coming up to me a bit sad, pouting lips this evening before bed declares she is sad because she ‘would love to grow birds’. Now, if anyone else could shed any light? Answers on a postcard to:

Stupid mothers, at
Burnedoutcar Palace,
Self-employed walking disaster,
Completely not worth visiting street,
Blue donkeys,

That should get straight here, thanks…

See you tomorrow!

Tamsyn x

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