Monday, 5 September 2011


I am always encouraged to finish sentences, frequently drifting off mid sentence, having just seen something pretty. Or I suddenly just can’t be bothered to carry on the sentence…In fact other people’s catch phrase for me is ‘Well, finish your sentence then…’ And by ‘then’ I guess they mean, so we can actually follow through with a conversation, which helps I suppose when the other person at least manages to finish a sentence. Anyway, my point was going to be…ooooh look, a pretty moth has just flown against the lamp…*bzzzzzzzp* oh no, dead.
Summer fun is over...

My ducks, bar one, have f*****d flown off, I have no idea why, well I do actually, it was MY fault. I had been meaning to clip their wings since I noticed them flying around the garden. But I had not had the time or patience (as I write this, I have trapped a cockroach under my foot which I am about to flush down the bog, but I thought I’d tell you because it’s GROSSING me OUT)…Right, I am back, flushed, is the cockroach, and toilet gelled after, just to make sure. So yep, they’re gone, thus I had a trip down to my friend’s house, to see if she had any more to buy. The kids see me and tell me their mum is in the garage, she then calls me into the garage. I swing open the door, and what I come across is a slaughter scene from the 'worst horror cruelty to animals specifically ducks and chickens' film ever made, ducks, chickens, blood, birds hanging from the ceiling, her husband is busy plucking a duck, she’s bloody aproned up, gutting them. ‘OMG!’ I cry, I cannot help myself, I retch a bit at the smell and the death scene, and advance, covering my eyes, tripping over a dead duck on the floor. She is laughing at me (I get this a lot, people laughing AT me), and asks what I was after? I carry on babbling away, hands firmly over my squeezed shut eyes, I tell her about my duck scenario, she tells me she can’t help, as they’re keeping a few to breed, and the rest are for eating. Oh, you don’t say? I had a lump in my throat as I left, but to give them credit, they grow ALL their own, and eat it too, so I respect that. MURDERING B*****DS! (unnecessary outburst, I actually do have respect for that, even if it does freak me out and seem somewhat intense).

I Sprung cleaned like the maniac that I am all day Saturday, getting all things ready, first day back to school hair style requests from girls, leave mine alone mum, from Monty, and stripping everything, curtains, beds, you name it, I washed it to within an inch of it’s life at 90 degrees today. School bags, check, pens, boards, folders, pencil cases and all paraphanalias sorted, check (almost) and clothes ironed and all ready for going BACK TO SCHOOL! I am a bit nervous, I hope they are all happy and settled in their new classes and schools, they seem to be excited enough, even Esmie!
She can actually wash her face in her toilet....weirdo

Just before bed tonight, we’ve not managed to find time yet to fit in the 3rd round of Monty’s Star Wars battles, so I had a quick session under Monty’s den with him, where upon he informs me he is going to film his Star Wars Lego battles, and put them up on Youtube, he has made a sign for under his bed saying ‘Monty’s Star Wars Lego’ so expect you all to be avid watchers…!

With that, I am off, it’s back to school tomorrow, and I am sad. I bloody miss those kids, for all they do, the good and the bad.

See you tomorrow,

Tamsyn *will not brave the loo, as worries that cockroach is still sitting fast, covered in toilet gel, in toilet bowl and will wriggle up my  ….OMG*

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