Saturday, 10 September 2011

10 Things I learned From This Week...week 8

Well I couldn't put this up till the rugby had finished, Alex had to watch it on the internet (no working T.V)...So rather late in the day, my '10 Things I Learned From This Week’ this week is based on the theme of my mental life, so here goes...

1 That 3 fines in one week, one for doing 2.5 mph over the limit, one for the back indicator not working, er how the hell am I supposed to know? I am driving, not pushing (thankfully yet) my burned out car, one for forgetting to buy a parking ticket and being fined for that too, is NO fun.

2 That buying an expensive bottle of whiskey for my friend who has taken no payment for the chickens and ducks she has given me, and in handing it to them, not realising the seal on the bottom was not sturdy enough, and it smashing to smitherines and whiskey fumes on their doorstep, is B*****KS.

3 That having a BBQ too close too an open car, covered in chicken hoof scratches, WILL set it on fire, obviously.

4 That turning up for the school meeting with the teacher at my son’s new school, mascared up and ready, waiting on my tod for half and hour for everyone to arrive, then reading the actual date-next Friday, is embarrassing.

5 That I LOVE school time, I love the routine, the communication with the outside world, other bedraggled sent slightly mad, was once sane before kids, dropping their tired, still stuffing down their breakfast with mums brushing hair out of the school gates, I feel not so alone…

6 That I am helplessly in love with my kids and husband, that they are EVERYTHING to me, my whole world.

7 That I am very, very, very tired, and have a very, very, very hectic weekend approaching…

8 That when the dude in the petrol garage looks at you and tells you you should probably get your car seen too, you were only in yesterday weren’t you? Yes, but to be fair, when you only ever have a tenner to scrape together from down the backs of sofas, life’s like that, he is gonna see me regularly, so get over it and stop giving me a complex about my burned out gypsy wagon!

9 That Alex is on the brink of starting rugby-stirring up a ‘lost’ youth…

10 That my Monty, is too excited about going to football today, and I am SO proud of him!

Right, that's it folks, see you all tomorrow, it's blazing hot here today and so we're off for an afternoon at the beach...weyhey!

See ya,

Tamsyn x

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