Monday, 8 August 2011

So why, Esmie Rose, do you not stay the F**K in bed?...

I am necking back a hefty chunk of quiche, my mother-in-law’s down and she has a quiche fetish. Well, that’s not quite true, she hasn’t a quiche fetish, but it’s a handy thing to cook for a veggie (which reminds me, I have a very serious blog to put up tomorrow, I, as you all know, like the ‘lighthearted approach to my blog/life, and am concerned about putting it up (the judgements!) but as my blog is also a way of documenting my life, a diary, so I thought fook it, I am ‘putting myself out there’ and so tomorrow, dun dun dun, I am doing an ‘About me’ one…) Anyhoo, that is all by the by, I was on necking down veggie quiches. My in-laws have a mobile home roughly 5 hours from us, they spend 6 months a year in france, 6 in England,  each time they come down to see us, my mother-in-law is always armed with a cheese and leek quiche, sausage rolls for the kids, and other home baked delights, lucky us! Yum.
This is a photo of her quiche...She'll kill me for writing that, it's not really...!

So, tomorrow, we are all off to check out the local gym, it caters for everyone, there’s loads going on, I plan to begin Pilates, Alex is going to do some kind of martial art, Monty, Judo, and football, only that’s through our town, Lola jazz dancing, Mitzi Circus training, we plan to train her up and let her tour with the circus…OK, that’s a big fat lie, but it’s apparently amazing for kids, it’s like a well fun version of the gym. I have a friend who’s daughter goes, and she says it’s fantastic. Esmie nada, as yet, she’s still ikkle. We’ve tried to pick things, with their input too, that are relevant to them. Mitzi is insanely physical. She does nothing but climb, and cartwheels and handstands. She actually has a 6 pack (of Heineken under her bed) she is not quite 5-years-old, but she is ripped!
They found a HUMUNGOUS moth...
So anyway, with out ‘labelling’ too cruelly, (signing our daughter up for the circus, may raise some eyebrows, but if you have ever met her!) we hope they will benefit from these sports…time will tell. I am sure that in their adolescence we could not have inflicted worse pain on them, but as written here is my evidence, we are but trying!

Esmie baffles me, wilful, independent, scrumptious, rolled into one cheeky, adorable, frustrating (to the point I have actually pulled my hair out, and have bald patches) yet, the most affectionate of the lot, there is nothing you can do that will prevent her from doing things at times: scribbling on walls/cutting up the bed sheets/scaling the bath to turn on the taps and flood the joint/being found OUTSIDE (we had NO idea) at 9 o’clock, this, to be fair was SUCH a serious matter, we thought she was asleep in bed. She had managed to open the door, and come down the stairs and all the rest, without us knowing. I heard a funny sound, hoped it was Weetabix my prodigal cat returning. Thank god, I went out…there she was. I actually have goose bumps typing this, there is a paddling pool (alright with a cover, but look at this child, her insane ninja capabilities, she could have had that off, cut through it with her scissors) and the gates (she cannot open or climb), but people pass-by…you see my dilemma? Each time she does something wrong, she is remorseful, blinking her big blue eyes at me, nodding her head and says ‘forry’ (we have an ‘s’ issue here, although this is obviously the least of my worries) after her lecture.  She is a not quite 3-year-old daughter of Dennis the Menace, that has found her way into our home…I no longer know what to do! You could argue she’s the 4th, I have run out of mothering tolerance and skills…but I really do do my best (I was a Brownie too, so I keep my promises and only ever tell the truth), honestly I do. So why, Esmie Rose, do you not stay the F**K in bed? (I should read her that story, I’ll post it on here for you guys to see this week, in case you have not heard of the book entitled ‘Go the f*** to sleep’, Brilliant!

Well, I have just visited my own blog, and seen a very attractive offer for a holiday ‘Cycling in Vietnam, happy or 100% money back’ So, with the new 2nd hand bike, and seat to contain and restrain the youngest-we’re off!!! I’ll argue it was complete shizer, no one was happy and get all our pennies back, sorted…

I’ll send you a post card,

See you, Tamsyn x

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