Saturday, 20 August 2011

10 Things I learned From This Week...week 3..

1 Eddie Izzard rules, probably the funniest man on the planet.

2 I hardly brush the kids hair in the holidays...

3 I hardly brush my hair full stop.

4 People will continually astonish you in life, good or bad reasons.

5 In life, you have to do your UPMOST regardless.

6 Hippo milk is pink-how cute! (or poisonous?? Not sure)

7A chicken's flap to the face, hurts.

8 I am now almost completely capable of walking into a room/the fridge/outside, and REMEMBERING why I went there on less than 10 ‘repeat steps to find out wtf I am here’ trips.

9 That I am tiny next to German women

10 And miniscule next to German men…

Right I am off to the 'mini' farm with the kids in our town, it's a special weekend for kids, leaving Alex to fence off some space for the chickens-I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!! enough of roaming free, they're getting fenced in! And then some friends who we have not seen for 5 years are coming to see us, it's due to be hot, so we're off to the beach...
Have a great Saturday all!

Tamsyn x

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