Saturday, 16 July 2011

I got out there and shook my booty....

As promised: part 2...

‘Daddy is lost’, Ezza pipes up to Mitzi, ‘No, he’s just ‘out’’ Mitzi corrects her. Which is true-he had a business meeting, and it  began at 4 pm, and is most likely to not finish till well after bed time…fancy that?! In fact, it was unavoidable ( it was being held in a pub, I think that was the unavoidable reason…;)). So Alex is out, and I want him home! I am a soppy sow, meant to write ‘cow’ actually, but ‘sow’ is maybe more befitting? And hate to go a night without my whole family tucked up in our nest. A am a big flappy chicken at heart-I ‘nest’ and can’t help myself but feel out of sorts when one is absent (although this has almost never happened with the kids, I have NO idea whatsoever what I will do when they all fly the nest-have more babies? Pleeeeaaaseeee Alex, pretty please…? Alex? Nope, he’s gone.
The old woman who lived in a shoe, so many children, she didn't know what to do...What's she doing with that big f*** off stick in her hand??
Now then, the boring sh*t I had to tackle, went a bit like this:  set off, good start, wow, made it through the front door, into the car, AND out the front gates without killing any livestock! Result! I head off on my merry way, there are some documents to fill out with, and leave with the health insurance people over here. The office is 15 minutes from here. ONE HOUR AND FORTY FIVE MINUTES later, I give up all hope of ever even getting home now, I’d abandoned my mission due to roads changing position. Why the hell could they not just leave them where they were?? They had the most ridiculous signs up. I go down the normal road to the office, briefly noticing a sign with a little midget man digging a tiny molehill sized mound along the way someway, I get half way along the road to find it’s no longer there. It’s been raplaced by no, no little men digging mole hills , but a great big f**k off Mount Everest of a pile of earth…The French are mad. Here are literally billions of yellow jacketed dudes, doing the most insane jobs. It apparently takes 3 to turn one of those ‘stop’ ‘go’ signs. One yellow jacketed dude to hold and thus project and turn his giant lollipop accordingly, one dude to smoke a cigarette next to him watching the oncoming traffic, and the other to scratch his visible butt crack, wipe his nose with the back (at least) of his same hand. Observing the off-coming traffic,,,This is how we do it in France.

We had a GORGEOUS day Friday at the beach with friends watching a NIKE surf comp, there to support 3 guys we know, who got 11th, 6th and 5th places. Wicked! Nice work boys! It was a 'Cash for Tricks' one too, so I suggested to Alex I got out there and shook my booty about a bit or something, he reckoned I'd be institutionalised, not given money for those kind of tricks...Too bad, snobs.

So with all that behind me, I have my parents coming out on Saturday! Hooray! We have not seen them since last summer, and I am very excited, as are the kids, chickens, ducks, frog, cats and dog. Although my cat Weetabix has been missing for 5 days now, never has she ever been out longer than 2 nights, and I am worried and sad.
Hopefully she’ll be back tomorrow, cats will be cats…See you all tomorrow whatever (sorry),

Tamsyn x

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  1. Aww, hope your cat comes home soon!
    Hope you have a great time with Your Mum & Dad catching up! Nat