Friday, 17 June 2011

I’m not a vicious person…but....

I’m not a vicious person…but today, on the phone, being spoken to as rudely as I was, I wanted to barge into her office and kick her in. How aggressive?? But how necessary, considering. The French amuse and bemuse me. They seem to be a nation (disclaimer, I know there must be lots of you out there who are not going to fit into my following description, but who, at the same time, will see EXACTLY where I am coming from. Erhem, *and begins*) they are people who ‘follow orders’ they have SO many rules and regulations, you have to prove everything, 8 times over to 97 different enterprises, and even then it’s never sure you’ve done the correct thing. They are a nation of not looking outside the box, if they do not recognise something, then you’re f*ck*d, basically, and have to get official translations of English birth certificates, because, you know, it’s really hard to read the same numbers…AND then they even get my daughter’s date of birth wrong. According to them she was born 3 months after my other daughter, which is remarkable, not even I could do that! I mean come on, really.


Anyway, I was angry and feeling aggressive today. To top it all off, I have Mitzi who following another ear infection the other day, got so poorly she was being sick every hour for 48 hours, the medicine finally kicked in late this afternoon, and she kept a bit of food down at last, woohoo. As the Dr had warned if she was sick one more time, it would be on a drip at hospital. Not again. Please supoositories do your magic (ha ha, just read my typo back, and so leaving it!). So suffice to say, a day on 4-year-old daughter puking at hourly intervals, WHISLT my washing machine has decided to die on me, has been eventful. Alex actually took a hammer to the washing machine today. He destroyed it in frustration. Well, not exactly, he wasn’t stood there cursing the washing machine Basil Faulty styley, going ‘RIGHT, I’m giving you a count of three to work, 1…2…3 RIGHT! That’s it! I’m going to get my hammer and I am going to hit you SO hard, you’ll be sorry, don’t say I didn’t warn you….’ BANG! Not quite, I had to get my washing out, which had been in there since Thursday last. Hence the desperate measures and all.

Now, I don’t know how I have managed to do it…but I have fully trained Mitzi! Finally ground her down. I have gone from every time I ask her to do anything, her looking at me as though I had just ripped my own head off and asked her to eat in. Followed by ‘well, I can’t I’m…’ or ‘but I am just …’ (sound familiar?) I am now hearing (and bear in mind this has been going on for 2 weeks now, so it’s a milestone, ‘good behaviour for 2 weeks’ definitely goes alongside ‘First white female 13-year-old Prime Minister’. True that) she looks at me when I tell her something, and with out hesitating, smiles and goes ‘yes Mum’. Hey, other parents out there, you alright? I heard world wide thuds of parents fainting all over. It’s true. She is a little angel. I can’t remember how I did it, but I am bloody chuffed with myself. I DO have power..AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA *laughs meglamaniacally, runs out of breath, falls on floor, gets back up, carries on blogging* *phew*.

 Esmie has just been yelling ‘MUMMY!’ and alerting me to the fact (coz I hadn’t noticed) that ‘I’m crying up here’ but she is saying it in such an angry way, it’s just making me laugh. ‘I WANT A CUGGLE!’, ‘I’m STILL crying you know’. So there is at least one normal, naughty, rude, abusive, relentless LOUD child in our midst. Well, Ezza wouldn’t let us down, would she?! (Disclaimer: I love you Ez, and I love that you are not boring, and have a character, even if you do scare me).

It is a relatively stressful situation receiving a dead sheep. I still have not quite recovered-I have the reminder legs/chumps/neck etc staring at me and poking out at me in the freezer (I get in there and shut myself in sometimes to ‘get away’ for a bit, it’s f*****g freeeezing, but it’s quiet). The weekend after this, we are having our first sheep meal, a BBQ, we are going to cook it in the earth, ‘Hangi’ style (google it). As I have said before, although I am vegetarian, for me, if I don’t know you and you invite me round to eat, and you have cooked me meat, I will gratefully eat it. It’s worse ‘karma’ for me to be rude and offend you by not eating it out of my ‘principles’. You have gone to the effort, so I am grateful. You see? So, I will be having some lamb. I have to say, I am not looking forward to it, but it has to be done, like most things in life…well, at least once…??! 

See you tomorrow!

Tamsyn x

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