Friday, 13 May 2011

A woman would have done it already, with bells on.

Two summers it flies...

I have been trying to put this blog up, with full on bronchitis, horse sized antibiotics and my blogger thing being 'unavailable' all day. most frustrating, I have been in bed since 3pm (thanks hubby for holding the fort) and have got out of bed just this once to post up my blog...what dedication! mind you, probably won't be worth it now!

I ask Alex to grab me a cup of water as he went to the kitchen, he hands me a cup nearby, and I realise just as it touches my lips that it is the bath Lola had made for her plastic rabbit bath toy thingy. It’s luke warm soapy bath water that my daughter (littlest) weed in just to add to the flavour, and the sterility, although I hear wee is sterile, so that was potentially not the worst thing in there. Now with plastic toy in tow, I mention to Alex I would probably prefer a glass of fresh water. That is how my day ended yesterday, almost consuming wee, that and putting the small semi-psychotic herd of wart hogs to bed, end of day hoover/mop/tidy/stack dishwasher etcetera, etcetera (posh voice needed).

So Thursday morning, I am up with the sparrows, and on the right side of the bed! Wowsers, I really thought that was just a myth. But it turns out, it is possible to get up on the right side. Then I wake up, at the crack of sparrows, and it had all been a dream. There is no right side, and I, as every morning, bleary eyed and wishing I could just grab and extra 24 hours worth of sleep, and pretend the day I have got up for never existed, must continue on. Never gonna happen, sleeping through a whole day, unluckily for me I was not named Sleeping Beauty and until Monsieur Time-Machine sorts himself out and actually fulfils his family name, I’ll be weathering it out. Come on Time Machine man, a woman would have done it already, with bells on. Still, I persevere with the day, and press on like a donkey after a carrot. I had no idea how I was possibly going to fit in all I had to do, phone calls to make, Make-up lady to take to the shops, letters to write, translations to be done, places to collect things from, places to take things too, recycling to be done, tidying, cleaning, kids…you get it, right? Good, then I shan’t add the latter half of the list. Do you know what? I got almost all of it done, and even managed to polish the bin, who does that??! Have you ever polished your bin? No? Well, don’t, imagine the results: ‘Oooo I can even see my face in the bin, not to mention I could drink off my floor’ because you know what? I reckon no one is ever, ever going to mention that to dinner guests, like ever. Something weird came over me, and the polish frenzy whilst toddler slept took me over. But I really nearly did it! Oh well, better luck tomorrow. 

The Time Machine ... come on someone, fashion it...

Yesterday, as there’s no school here on Wednesdays as all regular readers know, but that I still have to state, in case there are newbies (poor sods), so I booked in to go on like a locally arranged garden walk thing. Being a mummy who would like to live 24/7 outdoors (better out than in, you see, just keeps it’s relevance), and also that I have ‘nature’ children (hmmmmm, WHACK across face with ‘nature’ leaf and twig handbag to posh bitch mum in St. Albans), the children share my outdoor enthusiasm. I had been sceptical; it was in public after all, with the 4 kids. But it was amazing. I was brimming with pride as my son asked nonstop questions about the flora and fauna, and tasted every leaf going (the edible ones I might add). He kept looking around ‘wowing’ at trees and getting his sisters to taste the plants (the daisy didn’t go down too well) and putting his hand up, bouncing round the Leader dude, what would their title be? Chief Garden Walker of Groups? Anyway, around him, asking questions and answering everything before the guy had finished (not always right, but nice effort!). It was such a wonderful walk, and such a success that I shall sign up for the next one! To the Wood-mobile to go to the shop to buy everyone crampons!

I did mention that I went to see make up lady, to take her to shops. In actual fact she reads cards, (clairvoyance, I think?) and without realising, as she was on the phone, I shuffle the cards and lay them out, and she read them for me (wasn’t planned, just happened, I thought I was just putting the cards out for her, as I am not 100 % comfortable with knowing your's in our hands, and I am not sure playing with it by predicting it is wholly wholesome, if you see what I mean, but I am open to everyone's discussion!)….I am choosing to keep it to myself, what I was told! My lips are sealed! (Unless there's some heavy-ass Twiglet and Cadbury chocolate bribing going down).

Well, until tomorrow peeps,

Tamsyn x

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