Monday, 7 February 2011

Bring on february 10th...!

I have a night out on the 10th of February, now I announce this, as I have not been out since the 4th September 2010. Before that, I had not been out since approximately the same date, only one year before, thus I feel an announcement is wholly necessary. You start to get the picture of how glamourous my life is, I so have ‘moved away from all family to a foreign country, 4 kids, no volunteering babysitters-who can blame them?-’ syndrome. But I am just too excited about my night out! I am going to the opening of Frederic Vade’s exhibition. Yes, little ol’ me. He is an artist that has recently moved from Paris (read previous blog, to find out in more depth). I have invited my best mate in France Rachel Bennet along for the whole ‘girl going to the toilet, has to go with another girl’ thing. And also, obviously not just the toilet friend thing, also as I say, she’s my best friend in france, and a bit of girly gossip from time to time away from the kid life, does us the worlds of good, even if you in reality only get round to doing it once a year. *crowd gets out violins, mops away a little tear*

In order to emphasise my total uncontrollable excitement, and rare outings, I have included my recent facebook email interchange with Rachel… 'Twent like this:

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Between Rachel Bennett and You

Tamsyn Wood January 29 at 12:03pm 

hey rach, my new friend (!) fred vade, the artist who has moved here from paris a few months back, has an exhibition starting on the 10th feb, he has invited me and alex, but due to 4 kids, alex is kindly babbysitting...will u come with me??? i think it'll be pretty cool, opening night of an exhibition should be wicked....

r u here the 10th feb?? really hope u are, and it's something u'll be up for....

let me know *multiple air kisses french styley*....!

love tams xxx
Rachel Bennett January 30 at 10:13am Report

Hello lady,

sounds good to me! Think that might be the day the J and Nick go back to London for the trade show, so will have Marley and it an evening opening? If so that would be wicked as i can give Marls a good run and we can go out!! Yippee! I love this no Natacha (-she recently left her stupid job) life already xxx

Tamsyn Wood January 30 at 12:24pm 

yep it's an evening do...i am already too excited!

btw, in ur humble fashion opinion, not that i am that sad and geeky, never go out and am thus totally out of touch that i am already planning my outfit or anything, but are leather trousers 'out'?

thanks in advance for fashion tips lady

can't wait, i won't be able to sleep i am that excited!!

check out

loads o love, be in touch soon to organise....
 tams xxx

Rachel Bennett February 2 at 8:22am Report
Leather trousers are so 'in' right now! In fact i am obsessed, (ok perhaps thats a bit strong), with wearing my 'fake leather' leggings at the moment... Get those babies out of the wardrobe. And the great thing is as the french are generally so behind with fashion, you'll be setting a trend again here and the french will start to follow your style!
I am really looking forward to a night out too. God it has been so long! Yippeee! xxx
Tamsyn Wood February 2 at 7:31pm
i am literally reading this for the 3rd time and laughing out loud...! i am going to have to use this email exchange in a blog, when i write about how too excited i actually am!!

great news re the faux-leather slacks! i am defo getting those babies OUT!

bring on february 10th...!

tams xxx

so you see? Proper geek. But I really am excited. Must go, have some leather trousers to squeeze post-four-baby thunder thighs into!!! Have a truly fab Monday!


  1. Nothing wrong with getting excited about a night out.

    Also nothing wrong with spending 2 hours getting ready for a visit to the pub that only lasts 1 hour.

    Also nothing wrong with getting drunk on just two glasses of wine.

    (I haven't done any of the above you understand. Just saying.) Glad to have found you (via Twitter). Now I know I'm not the only "proper geek". x

  2. oh hoorah! you have found us!!

    i am very fortunate there are people like you around who share in my slightly gimpy ways at times...!!!

    i will put up a post as to how it went...god only knows, 2 glasses of wine minus 4 kids for a few hours, i could be capable of ANYTHING!!

    LOTS Of love (oops caps lock was still on)
    tamsyn xx