Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Walk for Grace...

Recently, I have been thinking a lot. I am loving blogging, and know that there are people out there who read it (thanks mum!), therefore I thought it would be a very good way of telling everyone about my friend Colin’s niece, and maybe achieving actually doing something positive for someone else. To those who blog, please could you ‘tag’ and pass this on? You never know who might read it, and everyone who passes it on, could be helping a thousand fold. So please take the time to tag and pass this blog on…thank you very, very much in advance. Those who do not blog, please read anyway, and support Grace’s cause. Thank you. Here goes, brief explanation…

My name is Colin Stonehouse, and on July 16th 2011 a group of my friends and I will be walking from coast to coast to raise money for my niece Grace Murray, in order for her to undergo treatment for Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy.

Grace Murray is my sister’s daughter and was born in January 2004 with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy.  This form of Cerebral Palsy affects all four of Grace’s limbs, her speech and her rate of growth.   

Although Grace will turn 7 years old in 2011
she still has the body age of a 6 month old baby.

Grace has been visiting a rehabilitation centre in Mielno, Poland since 2008 called Euromed.

Euromed rehabilitation centre, the owner of the licence for using the Adeli suit, offers the most intensive and the most effective physical therapy.  This is the one centre in the world offering the patented, scientifically proved treatment program – Adeli.  The Adeli suit involves fitting the body with a suit composed of elastic bands that hold the limbs in a proper alignment.  The bands, which are placed between a series of hoops around various parts of the body, provide controlled resistance for exercising various groups of muscles.  The result is a correction of proprioreceptive impulses which advance from joints, muscles and ligaments to the central nervous system.  The Adeli suit method results in a certain normalization of the locomotive and motor actions of the patient’s trunk and lower limbs.  Other treatments and therapies at Euromed are also undergone by Grace which all contribute to her increasing mobility.

Since Grace’s first 4 week treatment in 2008,
she has succeeded in holding her own head up,
and after her second 4 week treatment even sitting up unaided.

The Euromed treatment has helped Grace so much, and her family would like to carry on attending the 4 week treatment sessions twice a year.

The Coast to Coast Walk is a 190 mile walk from St. Bees in Cumbria, to Robin Hood’s Bay in North Yorkshire, and should take approximately 12 days.  By completing the Coast to Coast walk in 2010, my friends and I hope to raise as much money as possible in order to reserve further treatment sessions for Grace in the years ahead.  We are looking to you for help in raising funds for Grace, who will need this treatment for the foreseeable future. The cost of a 4 week treatment programme at Euromed in Poland is £8,000.00.  This is the cost of treatment and accommodation for Grace and her Mum which also includes meals at the centre.  Travel costs etc. are all separate.

Your help in the form of sponsorship, or in any other way you may be able to help,
would be greatly appreciated, to make it possible for Grace’s family to one day be able to
Walk with Grace.
Yours faithfully,

Colin Stonehouse.
The Station Inn,
New Quay Road,
North Yorkshire.
YO21 1DH.


Thank you for taking the time
to read this.

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Sponsorship payments can be made to: Payment can be sent via cheque to 
Colin Stonehouse at:

The Station Inn,
New Quay Road,
YO21 1DH.

Made payable to 'Walk with Grace'.

Or it can be sent via Paypal to email address:


* please note that that is the number one after station and not the letter I.


  1. What a beautiful girl, would love to donate something but having trouble with paypal and don't use cheques so please let me know if there is a justgiving page!

  2. ahhh, thanku so much! i will check with my friend colin (grace's uncle) and see if he has another payment method...and i'll get back to you. but thanks so much xxx

  3. She's so beautiful. I don't have a paypal account anymore since they starting doing dodgy things to my account. Is there another way to donate through a website or something?

  4. Great post and yes I will blog it too - she is the same age as my daughter who was born at 28 weeks and guess what among other things was at great risk of cerebral palsy - we just had to wait and see.
    She was very lucky and has become a healthy seven year old which makes me feel - again- very very fortunate and very emotional about Grace's situation.
    If you are interested in premature birth I wrote about my daughter's birth here

  5. @sahm, and chocorange...i have checked with my friend, and he said to say thanks so very, very much anyway, but there are no other payment methods. as grace is an individual, and not an organisation, 'justgiving' do not recognise it as a charity...but i am so chuffed you took the time, and thanks for the lovely intention.

    @notanottinghillmummy, wow, 28 weeks, that's well early. so pleased she is alright. must have been a very scary time. hope all's well with you?

    speak soon, tamsyn x