Wednesday, 26 January 2011

5 Things that PROPER freak me out…Here goes…

5 Things that PROPER freak me out…Here goes…

one: Pretend dolls with glass eyes, and real hair….it’s just all wrong. It is just too freaky for words, so here’s an image, which is making me reach for my brown paper bag, as I hyperventilate with fear. (Check out the eyes, she’s evil…)


two: Zippy, George and Bungle, and the main dude from rainbow. I spent my childhood, innocently watching children’s programs, that were actually subliminally transmitting messages, such as ‘play with your balls, and if you can’t find your balls to twang…twang someone else’s’…WTF??   ‘nuff said.


Three: Clowns. Actually, in particular the black and white ones, who insist on drawing a tear under their eye, it’s sad, tragic even. It is more than just that I am freaked out big time by them, I actually feel hate too. Maybe because when I was young, I was taken to a circus, we were in isle seats when it happened…the clown trod *clumsily* (yes how very funny, ha ha, look how big your shoes are, hilarious),I started to tremble, I was not even the victim, it was my younger sister, he stretched out his arm and tickled her with his feather duster (presumably these days, health and safety would do him for the unhygienic feather duster thing, think of all the kids he tickles with it? wrong). The thing is, she hates them too, she bursts into helpless tears, and he carries on, the bastard. Am I being unreasonable??

look at yourself, just look at yourself, and you call yourself a grown man?? Tut. You just scare little kids freaky makeup dude.

Four: Dirty floors. These are the bane of my life, and with all the livestock we have in our little house, this is how my mop addiction originated. Once upon a time, I was rushed to A and E, after the dog rushed in on my freshly mopped floors, and it proved too much for me. Actually I made that up, but it could happen…they freak me out THAT much!


And big fat Five: Bin juice. Bin juice has freaked me out all my life. I was once victim to a bin-juice-in-the-eye incident (see blog: ) and I have never been quite the same since…I still struggle with feelings of violation and filth, utter filth…

Well, there we go, now you know 5 of the things which freak me out. Feel free to let me know below on what freaks you out BIG TIME! And leave me a comment …Laters! 

ps, if you didn't see yesterday's blog, please read below 'Walk for Grace'...thanks 


  1. Eeeeewwwwww I hate bin juice too. I can't believe you got some in your eye. I freak out when it drops on my shoe when emptying the bin.

  2. This was so funny! Clowns and dolls freak me out, too, but I used to love Rainbow and now I'm sat here singing the sodding rainbow theme song!!! ARRGGHHH

    CJ xx

  3. hahaha! sorry crystal jigsaw! it was great at the time, but they were well dodgy!

    @sahm...bin juice is so rank!! go wash your shoes!


  4. if it hadn't been for rainbow, you might have never learned the basic skills that landed you such a great husband.... they did you a favour :)