The story so far for things the fund has managed to get for Alex, that everyone who has raised money or donated has achieved...

Firstly we had to get Alex back to England when he woke from the coma, this was achieved by bringing him over in an air ambulance. He was airlifted back on the 2nd February 2012 from the Hospital in France to the John Radcliffe hospital in England, Oxfordshire.

(Not the one Alex was in)

There are many things the money has and will be going towards. one of the other things bought was a body-tek, which, when the pads are applied to the body, send signals to the brain to stimulate the muscles. The more these signals are sent, the more the neurons in the brain will reconnect or find new pathways.

This is to use with Alex to fire the right neural signals from the muscles to the brain, increasing the stimulatino in the hope that the more the pathways are activated in the brain, the more likely the signals will be picked up and it will increase both his mobility and the activity in the brain of the right neural signals going to the right places, or finding new ones.

An ipod for all his music that he loves to listen to when not in therapies.

We have just bought an IPAD for Alex. This is for recording Physio sessions, so the nurses can watch and carry out the exercises with him when the Physios are not around.

He also loves music and so it is great to give Alex back some control over what he listens do by helping him do a playlist with his favourite tracks that can be put on for him to listen to when he wants.

It can also be used for Skype, friends and family and also the Private Speech Therapist we have who lives too far away to see him, she can hold sessions via Skype.

We are currently looking to buy a chair for Alex that will mean he is comfortable on his home visits. At the moment, although slouching on the sofa is fine, I cannot leave him in case he falls off and he cannot sit very well on it for any length of time. So a 'lazy-boy' style chair would be ideal for him.

There are many things we are trying to acquire, and that come up along the way-an example of one of these things is a specialist harness for the car seat so that I can take him and the kids out for a while rather than relying on an ambulance to bring Alex home for visits.

With the view in mind that Alex comes home and goes as an out patient somewhere for his rehabilitation, further assistance, added 'extras' such as (for example) music therapy, hydrotherapy, getting Alex back in the water, outings for the family together, all these will come out of the money that everyone has raised and donated. As the NHS will find only 2 hours physiotherapy, we need to top this up too with extra physio, which will be coming out of the fund.



  1. My dad was in a car accident when I was 8 years old, I am the youngest of 4 children and now 41 years old. My father is a quadriplegic and my mother cared for him until this summer when it was time for him to live in a care home at the age of 80. You are right, your children will be compassionate and loving and take the lead from you and how you handle everything. And you sound like you are doing an incredible job, I wish you every happiness and all the best.

  2. On 6th Sept 2006 my husband was travelling home from work on his mountain bike and hit an obstruction and came over the handlebars onto concrete. He suffered a fractured skull (frontal lobe) fractured eye sockets, fractured nose, cheekbones and jaw! He was in a coma for a month and in hospital for six months. When I read your story today in the 'You'magazine it made me cry. My husband lost his sight also and was paralysed down his left side. He is at home with me and I have been caring for him with the help of carers. My children are grown up now but our youngest daughter helps with her dad. I wish you all the best and hope your husband is home with you and your children very soon.

  3. God Bless your wonderful hearts.

  4. I stumbled upon your website while searching for TBI info. Yours and Alex's love and spirit for life really touched me. Your continual support and love is just amazing. Prayers of healing for you both . As someone with a TBI, I found before I took a healing leap, I would regress first. (One of your entries mentioned Alex regressing) anyway, how do I donate? I couldn't locate that information. ~ peace & blessings, kathleen

  5. Hi,

    I have a sofa style wheelchair and ceiling hoist i wish to donate if your interested?