Monday, 12 May 2014

Dear Alex, Is This the End?

Dear Alex,

I am not sure where this blog is going anymore.

I am not finding it gives me what it always has done.

A cathartic way of expending energies I cannot articulate to you.

An evening space.

Tears shed as I share with you in the only way I can.

I feel it is coming to the end.

I have so many other areas I need to be focussing my energies.

Other areas I want to focus on, Making Waves for You as a Charity, the kids are rapidly growing and do so many clubs these days, commitments and less time than ever.

I visit you everyday, bar one or two. That will never change.

I miss you as much as I always have and always will.

But maybe I don't need 'this' space anymore to talk to you.

I feel I have nothing to say.

And that, then, makes me think that maybe that in itself is telling me something?

I just need to be, do, live, accept for a while?

That I cannot place my thoughts here, they belong with me and me only?

Maybe this is the end?

I am not 'feeling' my blog anymore.

I will have to see.

I will have to think.

I have been feeling this way for some time now.

I will maybe move on from this, move away from it, focus on other things?

I will continue to write to you privately.

Maybe I just a break from it.


See you in the morning angel,

Me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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