Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Dear Alex, As the Flame Flickers.

Dear Alex,

Flame flickers like life. Fades and rears, ignites and lights the room where I type.

As the flame flickers, I reflect.

I turn my thoughts to you, to the Most High and I feel humbled.

I whisper 'Abba Father', feeling warmth and praise for where you have come from.

No time scale, no earthly one at least, in your healing. But healing this is.

Time is, thank fully on our side. Your youth, although a devastating factor, also a 'bonus'; it is on your side.

I think of the boy we met 18 months ago who had been in a car accident, a young boy, who just healed and flourished. No, he will never be the same, but his healing was breath taking.

As too, now you are in all the right places, your healing is also awe inspiring.

I watch the flickering flame, feel warmth, feel light, feel your healing.

I have just received a phone-call from you. You were upset, but because you had not seen me today, and you remembered. You remembered! Your tears on the phone I can console. Usually, you can be inconsolable, no matter where I am, or what I do. But tonight, I can even console you.

This, all this is in God's hands.

You heal, you progress, you move in the direction I will you to.

Mountains being moved, and whoever thought it?

But they can be moved,

They are being moved,

And you are slowly, mostly, coming back to me...

Me xxxxxxxxx

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