Monday, 4 February 2013

Winter Wonderland Ball! Almost here...

The story of Making Waves for Alex, and why they are holding a Winter Wonderland Ball.

 Tamsyn's story:

“…So we lived in France, growing our own veg, chickens and ducks laid us eggs! Four kids to boot, it was a wonderful life. Then one day, Alex (aged 32) kissed me on the lips, squeezed my bum cheekily, winked and told me he’d see me after rugby training. He was gone.

Quite literally, and devastatingly never to be the same again. It was the 4th October 2011.

A knock to the head in a scrum. From that knock to the head a rush to A&E; scans on the brain, clots, a massive brain bleed. Two life saving operations and 15 weeks in a coma. The kids, almost losing their father, and certainly losing the father they once knew and loved.”

Alex is battling hard to defy doctors’ initial devastating prognoses of, amongst other things, irreversible paralysis and blindness, never talking, walking or eating normally again, and he is making very encouraging progress.

He is now able to eat a pureed diet, speech is significantly reduced, but he is relearning all these skills that each and every one of us takes for granted. Physiotherapy has seen him regaining muscle and core strength, enough to sit up unaided for minutes at a time!

Making Waves for Alex ( is raising money via a WINTER WONDERLAND BALL amongst other initiatives for the ongoing care of Tamsyn’s husband, the NHS cannot cover all of the care he desperately needs to make sure his recovery is as complete as possible. ALL donations are gratefully accepted so please head over. It may be too late to go to the ball, but any donation however little will help. It has to start with something! It is being held on the 9th February.

There are some incredible prizes up for grabs at auction, Sophie and Tamsyn will keep you posted, watch this space for your chance to bid on the amazing prizes!

Keep up with Alex’s progress on the website, and please DONATE! If you can, a little goes a long way...

Thank you!

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