Monday, 9 April 2012

I proudly present to you: THE KING'S PANTO!!! by Martin Coleman...

'Oh, reaaallly, sweetheart, you really want that book again?' We all know that common parent fear at bedtime right? Well, here's the book that spins all that on it's head! Hoorah for The King's Panto!

Now, not that I am going to get all star struck, but I know Martin Coleman!! Seriously, how cool does that make me? Anyhoo, a while back, he sent me a copy of his book to cheer us all up, and I am SO glad he did. It is now a favourite in my house of currently egg frenzied sugared up, after scene of too much chocolate childrens. 

I am not going to tell you too much, as I expect you ALL to rush out there and get a copy, or if you don't believe me, check out the review for yourself with all the celeb endorsements (pretty posh...) and everything...

BUT, it is too cool, I have loved reading it to the kids, and I am recommending it because it's a fantastic read. The kids will recognise all the characters, it is so cleverly written...You'll see why...

So for kid smiles, cuddle time, the 'Yes! That one!' at story time, and the quadruple hot chocolate, whipped double cream, flakes and marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles on the top of children's books- this is a MUST read.

*disclaimer I was paid no money for this post, this is a fantastic book, and I had to share it with every other parent out there, plus, it's written by a good personal friend of mine!

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