Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Dear Alex, something I wrote for you today....

December 13th

The days that were……

The days that were, are no longer,
The days that were, are passed,
In a moment, our days as were, slipped from our reach,
The days for me as they happened once, are no more,
The days for you, changed,
The days for us, no longer acquainted with us,
The days for our children, incomplete, your lack of presence their void of absence,
The days of walking, talking,
The days hand-in-hand,
The days by the beach,
All taken for granted,
The days we passed together,
The days you were working, the days I was too busy,
The days of a kiss goodbye, a wave, a ‘see you later’, gone,
The days of ‘fancy a cuppa?’
The days of togetherness,
The days of being in your arms,
The days of sleeping legs entwined,
The days when I was not alone…
The days of walks with the children, family moments, of happy fulfilled days,
The days of being together, all six, at the table, when will that be again?
The days we knew, the days we lived,
The days we understood,
The days as they were, when will they be again?
Yet a new understanding,
One of hope,
One of joy at the simplest of gestures,
One of endless belief, a new voyage,
A new path,
A new life,
The days we wait for now, not as they were,
But as they will be,
Days that could never have been, if we still possessed the days that were…

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  1. I am new here although we've met on twitter. Mummy barrow and Superamazing Mum led me here. What a beautiful piece of writing. Why do the tragic bits in life lead to stunning creativity? So sorry for everything you're struggling with and going though right now. Thinking of you x