Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Anyway, moving on from elephants' arses...

The girls in the pool, 'case you didn't get it...
I am completely cream crackered, we have just got back in and carried 4 out of it with tiredness kids up to their beds, fed the animal brigade and unpacked the car. It’s 9 pm and it’s still 37 degrees…This weekend we went to have a BBQ at a friend’s house a bit further inland. I have had THE most amazing weekend, and scorched myself in the sun (sun 30 factored up and sunnies, well, I’m clocking on and must think of the wrinkles, they befall us all…). I am now, unfortunately at that ages where I am no longer avoiding getting wrinkles, but avoiding getting worse wrinkles, it’s like a zoo keeper has had a field day with left over’s elephant backside and played a practical joke on me and I woke up one morning more minging than ever, and now an elephant’s backside’s face…Too cruel this world.

Esmie fell in at one point, which was an event, but it was all fine in the end!

Anyway, moving on from elephants' arses, the weekend saw loads of close friends coming up to have a BBQ in hot weather, swim in the pool, and by the end of it, we had 3 of the 4 kids swimming. Monty did a whole width under water without coming for air! Good on ya son! It was fabulous, and they are consequently proper zonked now, RESULT! The kids on Sunday spent from 10.30 am, till 5.30 pm in the swimming pool. They got out once to eat, and then to bath (?) and get to BED!

Mitzi-moo, the mermaid

Friday night was Monty’s end of year spectacle. Which saw Monty dancing like  Happy Foot (a penguin in a Disney (think it's Disney?) kiddie film who cannot sing as he is supposed to as a penguin, but he tap dances like a, well like a Disney penguin, I guess...) I realise I am on a bit of a Monty big up tonight, but credit where credit’s due- you can check out his moves for yourself beneath…By the way, so as you know, he is all in black, wearing a bright yellow skirt, dancing it UP with the blonde longish hair-got to cut, mental  memo, as pretty long now for a boy, sorry son. He is not the very blonde boy to his RHS, neither is he the dark haired one next to him on his right, bless his little heart, he gave it his best!

Not bad hey?! Seconds before we walk out the door, I think Monty is all, finally ready, he then turns round to me and tells me he needs necklaces and bracelets with an African theme…WTF? Really? You’re gonna tell me now, Monty?? Apparently he is, and have no choice, I quickly find my threads and wools and strategically weave ‘Africanly’ colours around him. It has a kinda ‘you’ll get away with it’ look, and we set off. The theme was an ‘African’ one-bet you didn’t see that coming? My son comes on, necklaces, bracelets, and a bright yellow skirt…he points at it and looks down, curling his mouth and making ‘ahhh’ screaming noises and laughing.  He asks me afterwards ‘did I notice he was wearing a skirt?’ ‘Erm, nope’. He also tells me it’s the first time he has ever worn one, he has gone to bed gutted tonight, believing I dressed him in skirts till the age of 3, so he wouldn’t remember. Sometimes, he does not find his mother very funny!! 

Monty taking a plunge for cash...next time, mum's doing it for cash...

Well, I have another ‘catch up’ blog to write, this weekend threw me completely, my friend at school asked me if needed to see a mental health specialist earlier on, fair enough, there are probably more sane people institutionalised. I have somehow managed to forget everything today, you’ll hear more of that in my next installment. Oh, and my latest encounter with Make-Up lady-she’s still going strong! So I am off to write some more-see you tomorrow!

Tamsyn x

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