7 things you don't know about me...and she's off...

Well, I got it all wrong it seems, hopelessly wrong, I am in fact meant to write my blog on the subject “7 Things you don't know about me” then do some tagging, then tell those who have been tagged, to do their version…spreading some bloglove! Thanks for putting me in the know superamazingmummy…so ‘fankooo’! Some really wicked people and blogs, http://superamazingmum.blogspot.com/ http://ghostwritermummy.wordpress.com/   http://www.bod-for-tea.blogspot.com http://mummysquared.blogspot.com/ http://motherporridge.wordpress.com/ http://helloitsgemma.wordpress.com http://midthirtieslife.com/ http://waterbirthplease.wordpress.com/ http://mdplife.blogspot.com/ https://project365club.wordpress.com/2011/01/16/16365-painting/  http://www.notanottinghillmum.co.uk http://sahmlovingit.blogspot.com/ so check these girls out...I am 3 short on the ‘choose 15 people’, but this is because I actually am billy no mates in the blogging world. . . .! (that made me a teeny bit sad acknowledging that :( )

ONE: I talk to myself, like all the time, I often answer my own voice too.

TWO: I too, actually have snogged a member of a very famous band…(@super amazing mummy, that parallel lives thing going on…!).

THREE: I used to run for Surrey, I was long distance runner (I used to be called the ‘Road runner’ I was so speedy, and bird-like, actually I had no nick-name, but I was alright at it) then I hit adolescence.

FOUR: Who says getting a degree sets you up for life? I went to Newcastle  uni (which fyi nearly called itself Central University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, then, when having to abbreviate it for a prospectus, realised the initials were…well you can spell, I cannot even bring myself to say the word, let alone write it for my dad to see!), studied psychology, and have only worked 2 years in 10 (babies/breastfeeding. Pregnancy years) since graduating.

FIVE: I am a self-confessed mopaholic. I ‘googled’ mopahloics’ anonymous, doesn’t exist…so I may well create a support network. A mopaholic mother of 4, can u imagine how hard that is to handle??

SIX: I love David Hockney, the artist. I used to go to Salt’s mill where he has his exhibitions, and eat THE BEST sticky toffee pudding with icecream *wipes up a little bit of dribble*,  in the café there.

SEVEN: I moved to France back in December 2006 with a 2 ¾ old, a 17 month old and a 7 week old, 4 suitcases and a travel cot, front carrier and some terry nappies…and I have never looked back, I am proud of having done it, as hard, at times, as it has been.

There, done! I hope I got it right this time?!


  1. Yay. Got there in the end. Great list. Surrey! I'm from Kent. Gotta love the south.

  2. Right, I demand to know NOW who the celeb snog is :D

  3. yes me too who's the snog? Love the fact about Newcastle Uni too...

  4. it'd take one HELL of a big cadbury's dairy milk chocolate bar to bribe that outta me!!!

    (we are, sadly, very deprived of the joys of cadbury's here in france...)

  5. I'll send you one if you tell us! (was it embarrassing? . . . Hanson? Let Loose? S club?) Love the list though lady, and thanks for the mention! x

  6. Ha Ha Ha, LOVE it!! The parallel life continues, guess who else used to run for Surrey (and the long jump champion as well?! Tell me the 1st and last letter of the town you grew up in, see if I can guess!

    We could have even snogged the same superstar? Maybe same night? He is a dirty dog ;-)

  7. I once lived in Surrey - and snogged several members of bands - but none became famous!
    Thank you for tagging me - I shall return the favour - you will have to look at my blog to find out how. You are officlally my best blogger friend: no-one else has tagged me, followed me - and even signed their unsuspecting husband up as my facebook friend! Hard to beat x

  8. @super..craaaazyzzyyzyzyzy! ok, 1st letter, last l...can u guess was it is yet?? in fact, i grew up all around surrey, then moved up to yorkshire when i was 11, so am a cross northerner/southener..!

    well i think we need to exchange names in secret!! (ha ha that'll kill all this lot!)

    @ everyone else, if i receive some giant cadbury's in the post, i shall consider it.....!!!!

  9. Very cool snogging a boyband member. Do not be surprised if a Cadbury chocolate makes it's way across the Channel very soon!
    Becky x

  10. brilliant, i shall be hounding my poor monsieur postie everyday!!!!!

  11. You've single handedly introduced me to some good blogs there.
    Glad i stumbled on your blog through Twitter.

    And i thought i was busy with 2 girls. I can only imagine what it's like with 4 with such close age gaps!!!!

  12. they are brilliant that gang of bloggers aren't they??!

    i'm glad u stumbled on me too! i have just had a quick nosey at you- and after lights out for the highly 'charged' kids here, am going to have a good old read...!
    thanx 4 popping by!
    see u soon, tamsyn x


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